According to a press release from the City of Sterling, the Sterling Police Department was alerted to a possible threat to schools in Sterling and in Rock Falls on August 28 at approximately 9:46 p.m. The threat was sent via a social media application from one student to another. The Rock Falls Police Department was contacted and alerted to the threat as well. Schools in both Sterling and Rock Falls were also alerted to the threat.

Sterling Police immediately located the juvenile student who had sent the message at a residence in Sterling. An investigation revealed the threat was not viable, the juvenile student had no access to any of the weapons inferred in the threat, and the student’s parents cooperated with the investigation. The juvenile was subsequently taken to CGH Medical Center for a mental health evaluation.

The juvenile has been detained for Disorderly Conduct-Threat to a School, a Class 4 Felony. Based on the arrest and investigation, it has been determined there is no immediate concern or threat to any schools in either Sterling or Rock Falls.