One Eighty builds on its success in little steps with tiny homes

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The nonprofit One Eighty in Davenport has taken another step toward helping the community by providing homes for people to live in.

One Eighty is an organization that helps people turn their lives around when they have hit rock bottom. On Thursday, they revealed their newest project — addressing homelessness and poverty – when they held an unveiling for the project called Tiny Homes.

The first two tiny homes were completed recently and are ready to house One Eighty residents.

Each tiny home is 400 square feet. The two homes took three years to build.

One Eighty has purchased more land in the west end of Davenport and hopes to build more tiny homes in the future.

One Eighty continues to make a lasting impact on residents in the community.

Executive Director Rusty Boruff says their program has a 91 percent success rate at turning people’s lives around.

Their next project, called Tiny Homes, was just unveiled and this project accomplishes multiple goals.

“Be able to provide affordable housing for graduates of our program,” Boruff said. “That’s one of our goals. Another goal is to break down some of those barriers. What we’ve noticed since we’ve been able to build these homes, people are now seeing them.”

Matthew Griffin is a graduate of One Eighty and will live in one of the first tiny homes. Griffin dealt with a lot in his life, including addiction and homelessness.

“For times of my life I would be what some would consider, a functioning addict,” Griffin said. “I thought that marijuana could solve a lot of my problems. The first time I drank or used marijuana I was probably about eight years old.”

One Eighty has made a lasting impact on him, turning his life around because at times, there didn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I always thought I could smoke marijuana and be all right, but the end result was it disconnected me from the Lord,” he said.

Griffin is overjoyed to move in, and he loves all of the updated amenities, to which he added a few finishing touches.

“This is what we incorporated in just in case you had a little guest over here or something,” he said. “Breakfast nook, couple stools.”

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