One Eighty looks to prevent the Coronavirus

Local News

The Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate, but One Eighty Executive Director, Rusty Boruff has been preparing for over two months.

“We felt like this one was a real risk to our community.” Said Boruff. “And knowing that it would effect people in our homes living in group environments when you have people of five or ten or 15 people living in one home and so our first priority is to take things like this seriously.”

One challenge that is presented to One Eighty is having multiple facilities and many people that are housed in them.

“We have a community center, we have an achievment center, we have an inspiration center. You know all of these are massive buildings.” Boruff said. “And then you add in residential facilities. We have three residential facilities and then we have multiple affordable homes.”

Boruff has been working tirelessly to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading into One Eighty, but should it make its way to his properties, he has a plan in place.

“We’re setting up quarantine rooms that would separate those who are injected if they didn’t need immediate treatment at the hospital so, but we also have people in our programs that would be treated at the hospital.”

If anyone at One Eighty shows any signs or symptoms of the Coronavirus they will be immediately sent into a quarantine room.

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