Those of us who have pets know they are like family and when they’re sick, they need to see a vet. 

The only emergency animal clinic in the Quad Cities is in Bettendorf. 

Local pet owners will soon not have that option for emergency veterinary care  two days a week. 

Managers say they don’t have enough employees. 

The Animal Emergency Center will soon be closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The emergency clinic is the only after-hours vet location in the QC. 

“I think it’s gonna have a terrible effect,” Tanya said. “Of course not everybody can travel two or three hours for veterinarian care. It’s not their responsibility to step up and take care of every animal in the community.”

This could mean pet owners in the Quad Cities may have to drive 2-3 hours to other emergency vet clinics, such as Cedar Rapids, Peoria or even Des Moines. 

“Having AEC closed a couple days a week is kind of scary, because the other nearest emergency centers are either Blue Pearl in Cedar Rapids or down in Peoria and that can be quite the drive,” Celina said.

The Animal Emergency Center’s new schedule starts August 16. 

“Organizations don’t always have the access to be able to go to somewhere like Blue Pearl or go all the way down to peoria,” Celina said. “Because we don’t always have the time or staff sometimes for that.”

There has been quite the reaction to the clinic’s Facebook announcement. 

A lot of people offered to volunteer and some asked about job opportunities.