Orion mom on a mission to find Good Samaritan who helped daughter in sweltering heat

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A mother in Orion wants to find the woman who took time to help her daughter and some friends when they got stuck in the heat on the interstate.

Madison Greenwood and three of her friends were stranded in Illnois when their car broke down over the weekend along I-74 near Le Roy.

A woman stopped and let them sit in her car with air conditioning while the teenagers waited for a tow truck.

The tow truck only had room for one of them.

The Good Samaritan took the other three to a gas station until their parents could get them.

“She felt God wanted to her to come back around. Because she almost didn’t go that way that day,” says Greenwood. “But I feel like God is telling me to go this way. So then, that’s why she turned back around and went that way and everything. And it just like, ah, there’s good.”

The woman’s name is MaryAnne.

She’s a nurse with three kids from Peoria.

If you know anything that can help the family connect to her, email Michelle Greenwood at: gwood_08@hotmail.com

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