Starting Tuesday, November 1, The Moline Foundation will be accepting applications for their Fall 2023 Scholarships. Veterans’ applications open on November 11, 2022. The Foundation will award $61,650 and 35 individual scholarships. 


Scholarships for all types of programs and students are available this year. There’s assistance for certificate programs, apprenticeships that aren’t completely paid for, associates and bachelors degrees. Scholarships are available not only for high school seniors, but also for women who will have 48 credit hours completed at college by the fall of 2023 and military veterans. Students attending any program accredited by the U.S. Department of Education can receive a scholarship. The deadline is February 15, 2023 for general applications and February 28, 2023 for veterans.

“The Moline Foundation is excited to be offering three new scholarships, the Martin Ryan Scholarship for agricultural students: the Dennis Armstrong for the Moline High Bass Fish Club members, and the Ron Inskeep Scholarship for Moline High School baseball players.” says Paul Plagenz, President/CEO of The Moline Foundation. “We also encourage students who are pursuing careers not requiring a four-year degree but needing a post-secondary education, to apply for a scholarship.”  

Available scholarships include:

  • Chapman Family Scholarship
  • Chris “Spey” VanSpeybroeck Memorial Scholarship
  • Clement T. Hanson Scholarship
  • D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) Scholarship
  • Dennis Armstrong Scholarship
  • Dolores A. Hulse-DiIulio Scholarship
  • Doug Reynolds Rotary Scholarship
  • Hazel Van Arsdale Memorial Scholarship
  • Ina Duncan Banks Memorial Scholarship
  • Jack Dye Scholarship
  • Lee McAllister Memorial Scholarship
  • Lee Womack Scholarship
  • Maggie Webb Scholarship
  • Martin Ryan Agriculture Scholarship
  • Moline High School Class of ’59 Scholarship
  • Moline High School Class of ’65 Scholarship
  • Moline Kiwanis Charitable Foundation Scholarship
  • Ron Inskeep Scholarship 
  • Sherrard Academic Foundation Scholarship
  • Srikanth Yerra Memorial Scholarship
  • Stan Woods Scholarship
  • Vietnam Veterans Scholarship/Assistance for Veterans Chap. 299

For more information, click here and look for the scholarship button, or contact Susan Zelnio with The Moline Foundation at (309) 581-2974 or email