Over 800 Iowans sign Interfaith Alliance’s call to action for statewide mask mandate

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Interfaith Alliance of Iowa — consisting of representatives from different faith traditions and denominations — held a press conference Monday afternoon at the State Capitol calling upon Governor Kim Reynolds to issue a statewide mandate to wear a face mask.

Following the press conference, the “Call to Action: Protect the Health and Safety of Iowans” statement was delivered to the governor’s office.

Signed by 829 Iowans from across the state — and from many religions or spiritual traditions and beliefs rooted in a humanist perspective — Interfaith Alliance of Iowa says their statement was designed to “protect the health and safety of Iowans” and is based on the moral value to “love your neighbor” found across most traditions and beliefs.

“As of earlier this morning, 45,723 Iowans have been confirmed with COVID-19, and there have been 878 deaths in just over four months,” says Connie Ryan, Executive Director of the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa. “We are here to deliver to the governor the names of 829 Iowans who signed a call to action for the governor to take action. We are asking the governor to sign a proclamation immediately for a statewide mandate to wear a mask inside all public places and outside when unable to social distance by at least six feet.”

According to Ryan, Governor Reynolds’ trust in Iowans isn’t keeping them safe, and more action needs to be taken.

“Governor, we know that you trust Iowans. That is admirable. But, with the continued spread of the virus, trust is not keeping Iowans safe. It is time to take action,” says Ryan. “The only responsible thing to do as a state — the only moral thing to do — is to add a statewide mandate requiring everyone to wear a mask when they are inside any type of public building or accommodation, and when they are outside and cannot social distance.”

More information about the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa is here and here.

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