Owls at risk after $1,000 worth of equipment stolen from animal rescue

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A wildlife animal rescue is trying to find a way to continue helping owls after their pens were stolen.

Hog Capital Wildlife Rescue and Rehab is based out in Kewanee.

Tamara Yarger is the founder of the rescue and said that on Wednesday night their trailer and pens were stolen.

Yarger has been rescuing wildlife animals for about 5 years and said this is the first time she’s ever experienced something like this and said she feels violated after thevies stole from her rescue.

“You stole from my rescue, nothing hurts more, we’re trying so hard to build this and make it something good and you took from us, you hurt us,” said Yarger. “They were approximately 6 foot by 12 foot in size and then 6 feet high.”

Those pens were going to help the three owls shes taking care of but now their rehab may take longer until they can get new pens for the owls.

“What we intend to do was get them flighted and then return them back to where we had rescued them from and calling their parents and they would go back to them but without those pens we have no way of doing this,” said Yarger. “They’re approximately 4 to 500 per pen, so and I’m guessing that they took two pens judging by how many were left standing there and how many were taken so you’re talking about $1,000 loss.”

Other wildlife animal rescues are doing their part to help out Yarger

“I felt like as a rehabber I needed to step up and help my fellow rehabber and let her know she’s not alone I also started a fundraiser for her as well,” said Jojo Fernandez, Owner of Jojo’s Nut House Wildlife Rehabilitation Center LLC

Yarger said she’s glad to know that other wildlife animal rescues are helping her during these tough times.

The rescue has also set up a PayPal account to help get new pens for the owls.

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