Owner of car demolished by stolen vehicle: ‘I thought I was dreaming.’

Local News

At least three minors were taken into custody early this morning after a police chase involving a stolen car in Rock Island concluded at the intersection of 24th Street and 8th Avenue.

A red car, which was stolen crashed into a silver car that was parked on 8th Avenue, totaling it. The red car also suffered significant damage and was smoking. Police say there were six minors in the car and all ran after the crash.

Carina Strobel, the owner of the silver car, went to sleep on what seemed like a quiet Sunday evening, but she was awakened after the accident.

“I was asleep and then I saw lights out the window. Basically a stolen car flew into my car,: said Strobel. “I came outside there was a big fire truck, there was a few police cars, and my car was completely on the sidewalk. They rammed into it, through a chain link fence and some trees with it and my car is sandwiched between a tree.”

She couldn’t believe the damage she saw to her car.

“I thought I was dreaming because I had just woke up and I thought it was just a bad dream, but then once I realized it I was just shocked.”

Strobel was planning to take her car in for some maintenance, but now that won’t happen.

“I was just about to put new tires on my car, you know, and change the oil and now it’s totaled.”

Strobel has lived in the area for four months. Just last week there was a shooting down the road. Despite the recent crime, she isn’t concerned about living in the area.

“This is the type of stuff that happens every day, everywhere, whether you see it or not. So some people may be, but it doesn’t change my perspective.”

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