Car thieves are still on the hunt for vehicles in and around the QCA. On Saturday morning, Karie Martensen of Davenport woke up to notice her car was missing outside of her home.

Martensen says she only had the Kia for two weeks prior to it being stolen.

Martensen said she was warned of the uptick in Kias being stolen, both locally and nationally, but still decided to purchase this car.

“A lot of people were telling me that Kias were easy to steal, but if I would’ve known that I wouldn’t have gotten the car,” said Martensen.

Martensen says her car was a gift because she is planning on starting a family soon.

“I had just gotten my car a few weeks ago, so it didn’t even have any plates on it or anything,” she said.

No plates could make for a harder-to-track vehicle. but thanks to the power of social media, Martensen’s car has been spotted in the area.

“I posted on a couple different Facebook groups and I’ve gotten some leads from there that I’ve just been following myself. People are saying they have seen my car in Davenport, LeClaire and Rock Island,” said Martensen.