Neighbors in East Moline are upset after being hit by a porch pirate.

Two of them live in an apartment complex on 20th Avenue and report missing packages going back to August of this year.

Kantime Kolani and Mathew O’Brien both say that a lot of their packages were stolen, including clothes, medicine and motorized vehicles.

Kolani says he has pretty good idea who he thinks did it.

He snapped a picture of a woman with his package shortly after being notified it was delivered back in November.

We have blurred her face and will not release her name because she has not yet been charged. However, East Moline Police tell us they have two reports related to this location.

“She didn’t know I was coming, so when I came out, I opened both doors, so I was just standing in the frame of the door, and she turned around and gave me the package containing this jersey,” said Kolani.

“Somebody stole my ebike … a $2,200 bicycle … cut the cable. They must’ve had these big bull cutters,” said O’Brien. “I mean, what can you do? Why can’t I live my life without being robbed?”

This is not uncommon this time of year. If you know a package is coming, try to be home when it’s delivered.

It’s also a good idea to have a buddy system with neighbors as well — someone who can safely grab a package and hold it for you until you get home.