Parents should do what they can to de-stress while working from home to prevent child abuse

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High stress at home could put kids at a higher risk of abuse.

The Child Abuse Council says it could lead to more cases of child abuse. That goes for parents who don’t have a history of it.

Counselors say parents who are balancing their jobs with taking care of the kids should let their bosses know that the workload might take longer.

“It is very difficult to work remotely and try to entertain your kids, and try to keep up with their schoolwork a little bit,” Brooke Hendrickx from the Child Abuse Council said. “Definitely a stressful situation. Parents need to take care of themselves. Take the breaks when you can. Be honest, let your supervisors know you know…I’m trying to do all of this right now, there’s a few more distractions at home than there are at work. My time might be a little bit different.”

Teachers are the ones who tend to report most child abuse cases. Kids aren’t in school so they’re encouraged to try to track their students’ behavior and surroundings if they’re able to connect with them on video.

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