More reaction from parents Wednesday night about possible changes in the Davenport Community School District.

A long-term facilities plan submitted to the school board Tuesday night included a couple of options for Walcott Elementary School. Those proposals would change it from kindergarten through eighth grade to a middle school.

We spoke with a local parent, Jessica Aubry — a wife and mother of two who lives in the Walcott community.

“No one’s answering questions like, ‘Where are these kids gonna go to school?'” Aubry said. “There’s not a lot of questions and a lot of misinformation, but that’s because no one’s answering questions like, ‘Where are these kids gonna go to school?'”

The family of four moved to Walcott five years ago for the convenience and smaller classroom sizes of Walcott Elementary, as well as the preschool nearby.

“Our house is only blocks away from the school, so it is literally one turn,” Aubry said. “They turn down our road and then go straight down James Street to go to school. They could potentially walk to school — hopefully be walked to and from school. And the same with the preschool we live within walking distance of it — like I can see it from my house.”

Walcott Elementary parents seem to be the most vocal right now as the school district’s long range facilities committee looks at possibly redrawing school district lines– potentially affecting several school buildings. Declining enrollment is one reason why.

“I feel like a broken record stating this all the time,” Davenport School Board President Dan Gosa said. “I feel like there’s a lot of misconception out there I’ve heard from city council members. This board has not had any discussions on pathways. It has been through the Long Range Planning and Facilities Committee, which included a staff member and parent from every school.”

The Aubrys had no idea Walcott’s K-8 makeup could be changed until a petition was created just a few weeks ago.

“A lot of the people in the community didn’t know until they were going around to get signatures for a petition,” Aubry said.

This week, a survey will begin to go out households.

The family and its community is hoping to do what they can to help stop changes from happening to Walcott Elementary School.

“There’s a couple Facebook groups that are together to work together on the surveys that are gonna come out about district re-drawing … emailing the board … showing up to the school board meetings … doing open forms to speak… to get the voice heard,” Aubry said. “The more the community comes out to show their support for this school, the better the chances are to save that school.”

The school board’s Long Range Facilities Committee says the responses to the surveys will be considered in the planning process.