Parents want change after kids bullied

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“It’s getting ridiculous, that goes for all the schools, it’s constant in these schools around here.”

Ron Imhoff is talking about bullying.

He says both his fifth and sixth grader have been picked on and hit at Long Fellow liberal arts.

“We every day, we send our kids off to school, my first thought in my head is I’m going to get another phone call, I’m going to get a phone call that my son is seriously injured,” said Ron Imhoff.

He says his daughter has been assaulted at school and his son has been slapped.

“Bullying shows the mentality of the bully, your mentality is not where it should be, you know what i’m saying, I’ve always told my son, walk away, but if he can’t walk away and he has to defend himself, then so be it,” said Imhoff.

Nina Livingston, the kids mom, also feels helpless.

“Makes me feel really bad as a parent that i can’t be there to protect them at all times,” Livingston

“Every kid in the Quad Cities that gets bullied in school, parents need to do something they need to stand up and do something,” said Imhoff.

Imhoff says he wants the school to do more to protect his kids.

“Schools are supposed to be safe environment for kids not violence,” said Imhoff.

“My heart is broken in to pieces hearing these kids cry out for help and other parents and teachers and principals they aren’t doing nothing about it,” said Livingston.

That’s why they want to see change.

“Why is it happening here? It makes no sense. Schools need to have especially Long Fellow, they need to have cameras in the hallways they need to have hall monitors so this stuff will stop,” said Imhoff. “No kid should be afraid to go to school.”

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