Parents worry after potential threat to students at QC elementary school

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Parents worry after a potential threat was made to students at a elementary school

UPDATE: The school district sent a letter to parents Monday afternoon. The district said their investigation showed no credible threat, no access to weapons for the child.

EARLIER UPDATE: An incident at a Quad City elementary school brings into focus the struggle parents and school administrators face when a potential threat occurs.

Shill Hunter says a student planned an incident at her son’s elementary school.

“He was going to bring a gun to school and shoot four specific boys. This boy had named four boys – one of those boys being mine,” said Hunter.

Superintendent Brian Strusz does not deny the student with those plans attends Bridgeview Elementary School, LeClaire.

He says the school principal followed protocol. “From 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. he was interviewing students about the matter on what was said on the playground – who was all involved – to make sure he had all the kids contacted. And then at 3 o’clock he set up a meeting with the family and then continued to call the other families to inform them what had happened at that time,” said Strusz.

We spoke to parents Sunday afternoon.

“We actually met with some of the parents that were involved in this. It was like listening to myself. Every single one of them has consistently called and complained and wondered what is going on with this child,” said Hunter.

Those parents are concerned about sending their students back to school Tuesday.

Strusz says the school still is completing its threat assessment.

One of the parents also reached out to the FBI because they felt the school district wasn’t acting fast enough to the situation.

PV’s superintendent says there will be extra security on Tuesday when students return.

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