Parking changes welcomed by Rock Island neighborhood

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A neighborhood in Rock Island could get some much needed relief from traffic.

Rock Island city council unanimously approved a request to install new parking spaces on 42nd Avenue next to Edison Junior High School.

42nd avenue is a one-way street, and the measure would designate one side of the street available for parking –at a cost of $5 for residents.

The neighbors we spoke to said they’d be happy to pay to help keep their space and help keep traffic flowing.

Fox 18 News was told that people who are visiting Edison Junior High during school hours or for events often park on the housing side of the street, and that the congestion has led to resident’s cars being damaged.

We spoke with one neighbor, Ryan Harker, who said that having those designated parking areas will also help keep his kids safe.

“I know the little one, she’s only three,” Harker said. “And she can kinda jolt out you know if somebody was coming, if we’re parking over here at the school because we don’t have parking over there then that would be a big safety thing there too.”

The parking changes would mean only residents can park on the street from 3:30 pm to 7 am on school days.

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