Partnership will present downtown master plan to council

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The Downtown Davenport Partnership, an affiliate of the Quad Cities Chamber, will present a proposed strategic master plan to the Davenport City Council during a public work session at 4 p.m. Tuesday.

After reviewing the draft master-plan documents, the plan will be added to upcoming city council agendas for further public input, according to a news release. A vote to accept the final version of the plan is expected in November or December.

After discussions with the City of Davenport, the partnership commissioned a nationally recognized, award-winning planning and urban design team to develop a new downtown master plan. The partnership funded the plan’s creation; no general taxpayer dollars were spent to cover consultant fees.

WXY Studio, along with SB Friedman Development Advisors and Sam Schwartz Engineering, worked with the partnership to develop a downtown strategy for future growth grounded in the activation and enrichment of the public realm.

Part of the planning process included stakeholder interviews, focus group meetings, a public perception survey and feedback from a steering committee featuring business owners, residents and developers. The result, “Davenport 2030: A Resilient City,” is a visionary roadmap for shaping a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive downtown. 

Building on past and ongoing planning efforts to make downtown vibrant and its riverfront more resilient, the master plan explores how to better connect downtown Davenport to its surrounding neighborhoods and the region as whole. The plan also addresses COVID-19 and offers opportunities to overcome the challenges it presents.

The master plan outlines five key pillars for growth organized around a central vision:

Vision Statement

Davenport is resilient. By 2030, downtown Davenport has the potential to be a thriving residential center; a space for entrepreneurship and innovation; and a hub for entertainment, arts and play. To achieve that goal, Davenport must invest heavily in its streets, public spaces and riverfront; connect small businesses and entrepreneurs to capital; and focus on creating a unique and inclusive downtown experience.

Framework for Growth: Five Key Pillars 

  1. Playful, connected and protected: Enhance the downtown public realm and infrastructure and create a more resilient riverfront
  2. Livable: Make downtown an attractive, welcoming place for residents, families and visitors
  3. Innovative: Create an entrepreneurial ecosystem focused on attracting jobs, talent inclusivity and innovation
  4. Inclusive: Create a diverse, equitable and inclusive downtown through the design and programming of the public realm, fostering a small business entrepreneurial ecosystem and creating varied housing options
  5. Celebrated: Define downtown Davenport’s identity and brand within the region as an unconventional, inclusive and unforgettable destination

A full executive summary, including specific actions and strategic priorities for each key pillar, is available on the partnership’s website:

Like all strategic plans, specific action items and public infrastructure investments will require future budget allocation, prioritization and public/council input before becoming a reality. The master plan is a strategic vision to guide development, not a binding vote for specific projects or budgets. 

Once the plan is approved, the partnership will work with its public and private partners to lead plan implementation, advocate for action and ensure goals are met over the years.

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