Restrictions on two major multi-year and multi-phase road projects will be lifted soon.

The City of Davenport has announced re-openings on two significant roads beginning at the end of the day on Friday, Nov. 18:: East 53rd Street at Jersey Ridge Road, and between Lorton Avenue and Elmore Circle, and Division Street between 12th and Locust Streets, just in time to kick off the holiday season, according to a news release from the City of Davenport.

Significant investment in Davenport’s infrastructure is paying off, a news release says. Public Works Director and Assistant City Administrator Nicole Gleason said “Construction can be inconvenient, but when these projects are fully complete, motorists will appreciate a smoother ride on nearly 18-lane miles of road, sidewalk, recreational trail, and subsurface utility improvements for years to come.”

The $16.2 million East 53rd Street project is a four-year, two-phase, multi-segment higher volume road project that reconstructed the street between Brady and Eastern in Phase I in 2020-2021 and completed three of five segments in Phase II in 2022.

The current Phase II segments at Jersey Ridge Road and Lorton Avenue to Elmore Circle will re-open to all lanes of travel by the end of the day Friday, Nov. 18, the release says.

Single daytime lane reductions in the eastbound curb lane will happen through the winter when temperatures are favorable for work on the recreational trail on the south side of the road between Lorton Avenue and Elmore Circle.

Segments four and five of Phase II will reconstruct Eastern Avenue to Jersey Ridge Road and Jersey Ridge Road to Lorton Avenue in 2023.

“Once complete in 2023, East 53rd Street will have been fully reconstructed, widened in spots, added a recreational trail, and received utility and storm-water improvements from Brady Street to Elmore Circle,” Assistant Public Works Director Clay Merritt added.

The $3.4 million Division Street project was a two-year, two-phase project that reconstructed the street between 5th and 9th Streets in 2020 and 12th and Locust Streets in 2022. The current Phase II portion of the project between 12th and Locust will re-open to two lanes of travel by the end of the day Friday, Nov. 18, and then fully re-open by the end of the day Wednesday, Nov. 23.

“Don’t forget the businesses you may have been missing due to travel delays. With the construction season coming to an end, now is a great time to check back in,” Gleason said.

Details about the projects can be found here.