Passenger tells police he swallowed meth after suspicious-vehicle stop in Bettendorf

Local News

A suspicious car led to an incident in which a man collapsed after swallowing what he told police was methamphetamine Tuesday night in Bettendorf.

An officer at the scene shortly after 8 p.m. on the 1100 block of Grant Street told a Local 4 News crew, the only station at the scene, that a suspicious vehicle checked into the City Center Motel, 1138 State St., without plates. It had a loud muffler and what turned out to be fraudulent registration with a Vehicle Identification Number different from the car it was on.

Local 4 News saw several squad cars and officers at the scene.

The woman driving said she had borrowed the registration for the car, police said.

The woman and the man who was her passenger did not seem to know each other’s name and did not have identification. After the man made “furtive movements,” an officer said, he told police he had meth in his mouth, swallowed it, then fell over and rolled back his eyes.

The man seemed to recover soon afterward but was transported to a local hospital.

Police searched the vehicle and found a meth pipe and butane torches.

The woman driving, whose license is suspended, could not prove the car is hers, so the vehicle was impounded, police said. The woman was released on traffic tickets.

The car had 2016 Indiana plates for a handicapped driver in its trunk, an officer said.

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