Colleagues, and families in the Quad Cities are remembering a doctor who was killed in a boating accident.

Dr. Anita Pinc died Sunday after two boats collided on the Mississippi River in LeClaire.

Investigators with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources are looking for anyone who saw what happened.

The DNR isn’t providing a lot of details about what went wrong.

A 61-year-old man in the same boar as Pinc was seriously hurt.

A woman in the other boar suffered minor injuries.

Local Four spoke to a parent whose daughter was delivered by the beloved OBGYN.

Lois Linder is remembering Pinc like thousands of other QC parents, who were devastated when they heard the news.

“I actually saw it on Facebook first, and I was like it can’t be. There’s no possible way that it can be her,” says Linder.

Linder says Pinc delivered her first and only daughter 2-year old Opal Linder. She says she was a patient at The Group, and there she met several doctors throughout her pregnancy

“She was actually the only one that I hadn’t met until two days into labor. It was just amazing how wonderful she connected with us, even though we had never met her until that time. That special time she helped us bring our daughter into the world,” she says.

Linder says Pinc had a passions for her patients.

“At the end after we had her, she came in and gave us a gift from The Group. She had taken the time to get a baby burp rag, and she made sure she had a turtle on it, because it took my daughter so long to come,” says Linder as she smiled remembering Pinc.

She says Pinc was there for one of the biggest moments in her life. Linder says it’s a memory she can’t wait to share with her daughter when she gets older.

“It’s that one moment in time that lasts forever, and I will tell my daughter about. She’ll look at it one day and ask what is this? We’ll be like this is what the doctor gave us, because she was just with us the whole time,and was such an impact in our life.”

Arrangements are pending for Pinc.