Quad City drivers heading through Moline might see strange looking vans slowly driving through the city over the next few weeks. No need to worry; they’re pavement surveying vans from Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) that are collecting important data on all 304 miles of roads and alleys in Moline to help guide future infrastructure spending decisions.

Every street and alley will be mapped using cameras, lasers and other high tech equipment.  The collected data will be used to create a five-year construction plan that’s optimized to meet the needs of Moline’s streets.

This is the first time the City of Moline has used something like this to survey its street conditions.  This new method will look at the best long-term plans for pavement maintenance, which will help the city use its budget in the most cost effective way and get more work completed each year.

The survey crew is expected to spend 10 to 12 days driving through the city to collect this data, starting Sunday, May 15.

A van demonstration is slated for Tuesday, May 17 at 8 a.m. in the Public Works Building garage, located at 3635 Fourth Avenue. The public is welcome to attend.