People in Davenport have been losing their money when buying jewelry off the street.

Christopher Shoemaker is the owner of Quick Cash Pawn Brokers in Davenport says he’s been seeing customers coming in with fake jewelry with the similar stories.

Just last week, when a man was approached by another man who claimed he ran out of gas and was in need of gas money and sold him what seemed to be 18-carat jewelry.

“We’ve had customers coming in with fake gold, fake gold rings, fake gold chains, fake gold bracelets items that they’re buying from people in gas stations, grocery store parking lots.” said Shoemaker.

He wants to warn others in hopes that they don’t fall into the scam.

“It’s too shiny if it was stamped as 10K gold it would look closer to accurate but because it’s stamped as 18K it’s clearly fake jewelry but that’s somebody like me that knows what they’re looking at,” said Shoemaker.