Home security video captured this coyote taking a stroll on Sunday in Rock Island. It goes about its business and doesn’t do any harm.

John lives in Silvis and has seen the coyote population grow.

“Eight years ago, I probably didn’t hear them but once or twice a year. The last couple of years you can hear them most of the week,” said John. “Usually at night you can really hear them the pups are howling right after they’ve had litters they’ve gotten a little bit bigger.”

Travis Graves is a Conservation officer with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and says there’s a reason you might see coyotes more these days.

“I think they’re seeing more because there’s not much cover up the plants haven’t grown there’s not leaves on the trees I think people are seeing them more but once the vegetation and I think they’ll go back into hiding and they just won’t be seen,” Graves.

Officer Graves says coyotes usually don’t attack people or children.

“There’s kinda a misconception coyotes attacks on pets are very very rare and if they were to occur it would be a very small animal,” said Graves.

Officer Graves offered some advice for pet owners.

“If they are letting their pets out just make sure that you’re aware of the surroundings make sure you can see your pet at all times,” said Graves. “If you do see a coyote just make a lot of noise let it know you’re there most likely it’ll go away.”