People from the Quad Cities help those affected by Hurricane Ida

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Many are still without power in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida hit the state over a week ago.

A pastor from Rock Island spent two days handing out food and gas and a tree remover is currently in Louisiana helping out families remove debris from the hurricane.

David Napuunoa is the pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church and lived in Louisiana and knows first hand what people are going through. He said many members from church helped with donations.

“When I heard about some needs down there I was like hey church lets do something and talked with a couple of the men that were over the accounts and they said hey lets go head and do it,” said Napuunoa. “We just got as many gas cans as we could another that they were needing were batteries also fresh food, like I said in the Walmarts they are competely out of everything food related is gone.”

Sean Kaiser is the owner of Good Ol’ Boys Tree Service, he and 14 member arrived to Louisiana to help out. They drive two hours everyday from his hotel to reach those who need help the most.

“It’s pretty bad devastation down here, we’re down here just trying to help homeowners that are trying to clean up their houses, their yard, their garage, you know there are thousands of trees down,” said Kaiser. “I came to help people and put some smile on people’s faces its pretty amazing you know.”

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