People in the Quad Cities came together to remember Breasia Terrell

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People in the Quad Cities came together on Thursday to remember 10-year-old Breasia Terrell.

It’s a day after police confirmed Breasia’s remains were found in Clinton County last week.

A balloon ceremony took place this evening at Centennial Park in Downtown Davenport. Organizers encouraged people to bring anything purple because it was her favorite color.

Peyton was Breasia’s closest friend, losing her has been one of the most difficult things she’s ever been through.

“She was my best friend we went to school together we did everything together and it was just to hard for me to see her go like that,” said Peyton.

In her honor they got customized sweaters with pictures of Breasia.

“We thought it would be nice thing to do because we loved her so much,” said Peyton.
Dozens showed up to Centennial Park to pay their respects.

Moolah Jefe Dior organized walks when Breasia first went missing.

“There’s people out there that really mean her well and mean them well we’re very supportive of the family and we want her to see us standing here for the gift she has given us her daughter,” said Dior.
Peyton finds comfort in knowing how her community loves her best friend.

“It means a lot to be honest just seeing how loved she was and how much the community cared for her,” said Peyton.

There will also be a candlelight vigil on Friday at Credit Island at 7 p.m.

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