People with disabilities speak out against parking problems

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With the holidays in full swing, more people are traveling to stores, which means larger crowds in parking lots.

For Carl Vollbracht, he struggles to find parking all year. That’s because he needs a handicapped spot with enough space to use his wheel chair ramp.

“I’ve actually been trapped in my van by somebody coming and parking and running in the store real quick and not thinking of what they’re doing,” Vollbracht said.

When he has to get in and out of his van, he needs the diagonal lines next to a handicapped spot for his wheel chair ramp.

“When this thing fully extends out, it’s probably hitting four and a half five foot that it sticks out,” Vollbracht said.

Debbie Boone has the same problem when dealing with parking.

“They’re parked, you know, in the lines and that’s not what they’re their for,” she said. “It’s people like us that are trying to get out of our vehicles.”

They both want people to know how illegally parking in a handicapped spot can affect the people who need to park there.

“Be aware of your surroundings and there are people that really need the spot, you know and we shop just like everybody else, we have things we need to do,” Boone said.

While parking in a handicapped spot may save you a few extra minutes, Vollbracht wants there to be bigger consequences for when that happens.

“One, I hope the police will start stepping up and giving tickets because they don’t, they just kind of it’s no big deal, and two people need to start respecting others,” Vollbracht said.

On the other hand, Boone wants to remind people that while someone may not have a physical handicap, they may still be just as deserving of the spot.

“Everybody has a disability of some kind and you really don’t know you know you can’t really judge people you know by looking at them,” Boone said.

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