Some people in Davenport are now fighting to prevent a big railroad merger.

This after Davenport City Council agreed to a $10 million deal with Canadian Pacific.

Michelle Russell of Davenport launched a petition drive hoping to derail the merger.

The petition is called “Stop the Train.”

Opponents are against the increased traffic it would bring.

Local 4 News had a conversation with Russell, who says she wants more people to get on board.

“There is a lot of little mini-coalitions — and not even coalitions, but little towns and little packs of residents along the way that are opposed, but they’re not organized,” Russell said. “So, in my opinion it was worthwhile to quickly write a petition addressed to members of the Surface Transportation Board and ask them to reject it. So getting as many people in one place raising a collective voice and saying, ‘Please listen’ was important to me.”

Russell says almost 500 people signed her petition so far.

There will be a public hearing regarding the railroad merger on September 13.