In 1971, a local newspaper ran a special report on the “truck-eating viaduct” on Brady Street. A proposed solution at the time was yellow flashing lights.

“Must this viaduct ramming go on forever?” the Quad-City Times article asked.

Well, 39 years later as one of the first acts in my second stint as online editor, I started collecting all of the pictures through the years into one photo gallery for It was a hit. They even started selling calendars. 

It’s 2019 now and I’m at and there are flashing lights and warning signs to spare, but the trucks still hit the various railroad overpasses in Davenport. And it turns out, here at Local 4 they already liked heading out to take photos and video of the truck-eating bridges — well, some people did.

So we’ve collected enough photos and video to get a gallery of our own started.

Since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, allow me to flatter myself one time. Enjoy our truck-eating bridge photos above. We’ll keep adding to it as long as the bridges keep eating.

Check the traffic cameras before you head out. They don’t have the truck-eating bridges featured, but they have the bridges you use (and clear) on a regular basis.