Piece of Twin Towers has permanent home at LeClaire 9/11 memorial

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A beam recovered from the site of the most deadly terrorist attack on American soil now has a permanent home on display at the LeClaire 9/11 memorial to ensure our community never forgets what happened that day.

“It was an event that changed the whole nature of our country, really. I mean, look at everything that’s happened after that. We just left Afghanistan after 20 years,” said LeClaire Mayor Ray Allen.

The mayor hopes Saturday’s ceremony helped put in context the sacrifice made by so many. He contends the heroism and bravery displayed by so many is hard to explain.

“When you have an event that happens like that, there’s no explanation for it, and so you have to try to put it in perspective for people, and that’s what we tried to do here today.”

Dyannae Dahlinruser, whose daughter is also a volunteer firefighter for the LeClaire Fire Department, says she still remembers that fateful day 20 years ago as if it were yesterday.

“I remember it clearly and just prayed that it wasn’t going to continue through the day,” said Dahlinruser, adding that she’s seen how the nation has changed both mentally and physically since the devastating attacks.

“Our country definitely has changed how we travel; changed on our feel of security for when we make any moves when we go to a new area, or changes that might be around us,” said Dahlinruser.

Dahlinruser says it’s important to have memorials like this to show the generations who may not know what happened that day the sacrifice of so many brave men and women.

“I feel that we need to pay respect to the piece that has been donated to LeClaire Fire Department, and the beautiful memorial that they’ve done because of all the lives that we’ve lost, and all the lives that we need to value,” said Dahlinruser.

The memorial is open to the public and lit up at night, so it can still be viewed along with the memorial wall that has the names of the nearly 3,000 people who died.

A GoFundMe has been set up by the firefighters with a goal of $15,000 to pay for finishing touches on the memorial.

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