Pizza Olympics hit the QC

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Ready, Set, GO!

It’s a competition pizza delivery people didn’t know they were a part of until they made their delivery.

Mick Kutmas said it all started last year during the pandemic, the long time friends wanted to do something fun and creative

“The first place person got a medal, flowers and the biggest tip they’re probably going to get the whole night,” said Kutmas.

David Adams said they called 5 different pizza restaurants and order the same thing, the delivery driver who arrived first won a special prize.

“And we actually called 4-5 places and then we awarded this young man last year he came with a mask and all that stuff he was fully surprised he got a real handsome tip,” said Adams. “We pick out the 5 close pizza places from where ever we’re at we all order a similar pizza at the same time and then whoever delivers first is the champion.”

This year’s reaction is what made them decide to turn it into an annual Pizza Olympics over the summer.

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