Planning transportation ahead of New Year’s

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Some local businesses are trying to be proactive about drunk driving on New Year’s Eve.

Uber and mothers against drunk driving or MADD want people to take buses, cabs, use Uber or anything else to avoid drunk driving.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, indicates 40 percent of traffic related deaths around Christmas and new year’s involve drunk driving.

Managers of one local bar want people to make plans now.

Stacey Zindel, Owner of Circle Tap Bar in Davenport says, ” We want everybody to have a good time. We have a full kitchen, so that can absorb some of the activities, but I mean yeah it’s not just the holidays. It’s the Iowa game tonight, It’s the Iowa State game tomorrow, all the NFL football games every Sunday, we’re getting into playoff season, so we want to make sure everybody is safe.”

She says she wants to make sure everyone gets home safely.

“We have numerous small business cards that are in behind the bar, for locally owned cab services, we also have Uber on all our phones here for all the bartenders, and I give them permission who does not have a Uber app, or needs assistance to get home, absolutely they can take money out of the drawer,” she says.

Sgt. Brian Stevens with Davenport Police Department says it’s important to plan ahead.

“I think your first offense in Iowa is going to cost you between 8 to 10,000 dollars by the time it’s done,” he says. “We will be staffing the New Year’s holiday heavily with officers doing directive enforcement on impaired driving, and moving violations, so definitely drive in that defensive manner, and plan ahead to not drive impaired.”

Authorities say they believe ride sharing apps have been keeping people safer, because the department has seen a reduction in the amount of crashes, and DUIs in the recent years.

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