Pleasant Valley teen steals purse, crashes stolen vehicle ahead of police chase

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Last Sunday, Bettendorf Police Department identified Sebastian M. Landrum as a suspect connected with several recent reports of residence burglaries and car thefts during the early morning hours in Bettendorf.

Landrum was detained for questioning on Monday after a traffic stop near Eastern Avenue and Parkview Lane in Davenport.

Landrum ran from the traffic stop and was taken into custody after a short foot pursuit, where he admitted to the following crimes:

  • Attempting to gain entry into a residence near the 4500 block of Valley Brook Drive at approximately 1:04 a.m. The residence is equipped with a security camera system that showed the act being committed. Video showed Landrum walking up to the garage man door, attempting to open the door handle. The residence was occupied at the time. The security video showed Landrum holding a silver and black handgun and wearing black shoes, black shorts, a blue sweatshirt and yellow gloves. Landrum admitted he possessed a loaded glock handgun during the commission of the crime. The black shoes and blue sweatshirt were located at Landrum’s girlfriend’s residence. Landrum was also seen wearing his GPS ankle bracelet that was issued by the Iowa Department of Corrections. Landrum still had the GPS unit on his left leg when taken into custody.
  • Making entry into the occupied residence at the 4800 block of Blackhawk Trail Court, armed with the same loaded firearm. Landrum entered the residence and took a Louis Vuitton purse from inside the residence. Landrum also admitted to stealing a 2018 Land Rover from inside the garage of the residence, which he admittedly crashed while escaping the area. Landrum was wearing the stolen Louis Vuitton purse when taken into custody on Monday.
  • Making entrance into the residence located at the 5300 block of Julie Ann Court. Landrum was armed with a loaded firearm while inside the residence. The residence was occupied during the commission of the crime. Landrum stole a 2017 AUDI Q7 and left the area, parking it in the 2700 block of Willow Drive. It was located shortly after Landrum disclosed this information. The total value of theft was $30,000.

During an interview with Landrum on Monday, he admitted to possessing the loaded handgun during commission of the residential burglaries for the purpose of scaring the victims, should he be confronted.

Landrum has been convicted of three felonies with a disposition date of April 25, 2020.

When Bettendorf Police officers attempted a traffic stop to take Landrum into custody, Landrum ran from the vehicle, actively resisting arrest.

Landrum’s body was searched incident to arrest, where officers found 21 Xanax pills, a Schedule IV drug.

The vehicle was searched, and 46 grams of marijuana were found. Landrum admitted the marijuana was his.

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