Police: 2 women in stolen Cadillac conspired to forge stolen checks

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Two women face multiple felony counts after Bettendorf police say they cashed stolen checks and were found in a stolen car.

Hanna Brown, 27, of Aledo, Ill., faces felony charges of conspiracy, three counts of forgery and a charge of theft-second.

Christine Frye, 52, of Silvis, faces felony charges of conspiracy, three counts of forgery, theft-first, theft-second and a misdemeanor of probation violation.

Here’s what happened, the arrest affidavits say:

Shortly after 4 p.m. Thursday, Brown and Frye arrived at TBK Bank, 852 Middle Road, in a red 2008 Cadillac. Frye was driving and Brown was a passenger.

Brown passed a check to the teller made payable to her in the amount of $800, and provided the teller with her Illinois driver’s license.

Earlier in the day, Brown cashed two other $800 forged stolen checks from the same victim, one at the TBK Bank, Bettendorf branch and the other at the Davenport TBK Branch, 5210 Jersey Ridge Road.

All three checks were from an account with another woman’s name, and they had been signed with her name.

The bank contacted the other woman’s power of attorney listed on the checking account. The power of attorney said the checks had been stolen from the woman’s residence in Moline and that her name had not been signed on a check in about seven years.

Brown, “with the intent to defraud the victim,” passed the three checks purporting them to be authorized by the victim.”

Knowing the check passed by Brown after 4 p.m. to be stolen, the bank contacted police.

Officers arrived to find Brown and Frye at the bank in the drive-through lane in the car, which was reported stolen out of Rock Island County on Wednesday.

Bank employees said checks from the same account had been cashed by Frye at various TBK Bank locations. Frye cashed two forged stolen checks, which were written in her name, in Illinois on Tuesday.

After they were read their Miranda Rights, both Frye and Brown admitted knowing the checks they were cashing were stolen and that they conspired with two male suspects to cash the victim’s checks.

Frye admitted filling out and signing all of the victim’s stolen checks that they cashed or tried to cash. 

Brown’s preliminary hearing is set for 10 a.m. Nov. 20 in Scott County Court. Frye is scheduled for arraignment at 11 a.m. Dec. 3. Both were being held Friday in Scott County Jail.

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