Police-brutality protestors, counter-protestors, gather Saturday at Davenport Police Department

Local News

More than 20 protestors, along with a handful of counter-protestors, gathered Saturday afternoon at Davenport Police Department in response to police brutality. The event began at 4 p.m.

Travis Schlitter, an organizer, has spoken at several similar protests.

“We continue to see issues with police brutality and racism around the country,” he said. “We’re not seeing a lot of movement in the way to help correct the problems in the systems that have created the injustices that we see.”

“We’re moving to the next phase now,” he said. That includes a petition with five ways local governments and police bodies can make a few minor changes to help the situation.

“We don’t want the Quad-Cities to be the next area that has a problem,” he said.

Just a few yards away on Harrison Street, several people, none of whom wanted their names published, supported police. One carried a sign saying “Blessed are the peacemakers” and another sign that read “Back the Blue, Support Black People – You can do both!”

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