Police need help identifying man who dragged, beat pit bull puppy outside of local animal shelter

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Knox County Humane Society has seen a good year with around 900 adoptions of cats and dogs — a lot of them being contactless adoptions.

Future pet owners can look for a pet without stepping inside the shelter, but they also have a problem.

Earlier this week, a man was caught on camera beating a pit bull puppy.

“It was a man out there who was bringing in a dog, and he was pretty much not the nicest person in the world,” said Knox County Humane Society Director Erin Buckmaster. “And I would like to say that terriers or pit bulls are one of the nicest dogs that we have, except it’s the bad people that cause the problem.”

They say the female puppy was not injured but is just scared of male figures.

Shelters are often overrun with pit bulls who were mistreated, and they’re calling for stronger laws on what these breeders can do.

“The protection for the dogs is, I mean, it’s there. It’s just not bolded out,” said Josh, who also works at the shelter. “People aren’t really listening to it. They could care less. They can just go get another dog from a different state or different county.”

The Knox County Humane Society on average sees three incidents a month where dogs are brought in after being abused, or by breeders who have no further use for the dog.

“It just the irresponsibility, you know.” said Josh. “It’s a lot of human error that you got to blame it on because, a lot of these dogs… They can’t choose their lives. They’re in it.”

The shelter doesn’t have a timetable for the puppy’s adoption yet.

The Knox County Humane Society needs help identifying the man in the video.

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