A bomb threat and vandalism were part of the last day of operations at Galesburg Cottage Hospital, according to a Galesburg Police report.

According to the report, on Jan. 8, the day the final patients were being transferred from the hospital, police received a call from hospital staff about a bomb threat. Staff became aware of the threat when another facility called to accept the last of the remaining patients.

The staff alerted management and were waiting on orders to evacuate the building.

Police did a sweep of the building, but did not find anything that resembled a bomb, the police report says.

Police also were notified at that time about an alleged death threat against the owners of the hospital, the Sharma family, and vandalism on the upper floors of the building.

The nameplate of owner Sanjay Sharma was removed from his desk the day before, and was stuck to the door of the hospital’s morgue. Additionally, “F*** the Sharmas” and “LIARS SHARMAS” was spray-painted on whiteboards and windows in the building.

Police then contacted the Sharma family, who were out-of-state, over the phone regarding the threats against the family. They spoke with Priyamva Sharma, who said she got a call around 9:30 p.m. on Jan. 7, from a former employee. On that 12-second call, Priyamva Sharma alleged the former employee said, “If you guys ever come here you will be taken out.” She said she could identify the person by the caller ID and voice.

Additionally, Priyamva Sharma said she’d been told by other staff members this former employee had been throwing “Sharma hate parties.” The family told police they wanted to press charges.

Police then spoke to Sanjay Sharma, who said he had video of the vandalism and could identify the employee suspects on a video. He sent the video to police two days later on Jan. 10, the police report says.

Later on, police went to the residence of the former employee who allegedly made the call. The person admitted to making the call, but said no threats were made. The suspect made the call while at Duffy’s, Galesburg, with other people who lost their jobs at the hospital, the report says.

The person claimed when Priyamva Sharma picked up, they shouted “I love you,” to which someone else from the bar responded with “No you don’t. She’s (Priyamva) a b****!” The line then disconnected.

The former employee told police anything Priyamva Sharma said “was a lie.”

Police later spoke with other witnesses from the bar who corroborated this story.

No one has been arrested in connection with the incidents, officials said Tuesday.