Police still seek answers after shooting damages art museum

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Police still seek those responsible for spraying bullets at the Figge Art Museum nearly two months ago.

The damage won’t cost as much to repair as initially thought.

Local 4 News was the only station there after 80 rounds of gunfire broke out from the top of the Redstone parking ramp in downtown Davenport.

Bullets shot out 10 windows at the Figge and damaged three windows at the Skybridge.

Right after the shooting originally happened, the damage was estimated to be around $100,000. But now the museum staff expects the cost to be a little less than $30,000. Adding to the good news for the Figge is they are still on track with getting the repairs done and they haven’t suffered a setback.

“So far so good. We knew it was going to be a timing issue getting the glass brought in. It’s a special glass so we knew that was going to be a process,” said Figge CFO Todd Woeber.

On June 6, the Figge Art Museum had 10 windows shot out with nearly 80 shell casings recovered. Next week the Figge will get the repair process going by having the glass contractor come out.

“They’re going to pull the frames out. So the metal frames that hold the glass need to be pulled out and taken back to the shop, cleaned up, and then the glass adhered to it,” Woeber said “It takes a while to cure that setting so it takes a week to 10 days to cure that.”   

Surveillance video of the shooting was captured from the Skybridge, but the criminals unfortunately are still at large.

“We don’t want this to happen again,” Woeber said. “We hope that there will be justice served on the damage. It’s really unfortunate.” 

Crime Stoppers remains on the hunt for the perpetrators and they ask for the public’s help identifying the gunman.

“Any gun crime we take very seriously, and Crime Stoppers is still offering a $2,000 reward that leads to the arrests for the people responsible for that shooting that night,” said Crime Stoppers Coordinator Jon Leach.

Because of the severity of the crime, Crime Stoppers wants to get the shooter(s) off the street before someone gets hurt.

“That’s a lot of gunfire. With that many people down there and that many shell casings found, we’re hoping that somebody out in the public saw something, Leach said.

Anyone with information should reach out to Crime Stoppers or Davenport Police. Anyone with a tip that leads to the arrest of those responsible will remain anonymous, Leach said.

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