A 26-year-old Clinton man faces a felony charge of second-degree theft after police say he stole a backpack with a laptop that fell off a luggage cart at a casino.

Levi Brady Walters, who was arrested on a warrant then released on his own recognizance, faces a felony charge of second-degree theft, court records say.

According to the arrest affidavit: The theft at the casino entrance

On Dec. 6, 2021, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) received information that Rhythm City Casino patron Levi Brady Walters was involved in a backpack/laptop theft at Rhythm City Casino in Davenport.

At 4:30 p.m. that day, a Rhythm City Casino hotel patron reported to security he lost his black backpack containing his laptop.

He said his backpack contained several electronic items and that the backpack fell off his luggage cart while he was coming in the main entrance of the Rhythm City Casino/Hotel.

The casino surveillance department reported the backpack was picked up by another guest who originally was misidentified.

That person later was identified as Walters, who used another person’s driver’s license to enter the casino.

Surveillance video revealed Walters took the backpack from the casino/hotel entrance after the victim dropped the backpack from his luggage cart at the entrance. Walters picked up the backpack and left the Rhythm City casino property without turning in the backpack to the security department or casino staff.

Law enforcement met with the victim in his hotel room at the Rhythm City Casino. The victim completed a Division of Criminal Investigation Voluntary Statement form and said the backpack contained:

  • black computer backpack – $100
  • laptop bag – $30
  • MacBook Pro – $2,078
  • ethernet tester – $60
  • USB cable to HDMI – $20
  • USB cable to Ethernet – $20
  • compartment bag – $30
  • toll roads pass – $50
  • Mari Jim sunglasses case – $30
  • computer case – $20
  • computer mouse – $30
  • pair of reading (glasses) – $10
  • iPhone cable – $20
  • MacBook Pro case – $50
  • USB to USB cable and adapter – $50.

On Dec. 7, law enforcement contacted the person whose identity Walters used, and discovered he was not at the casino. This person said Walters used his car to travel to the casino on Dec. 6, and used his driver’s license without permission.

The person also said when Walters returned with his car Walters had a MacBook Pro laptop.

Walters later admitted using the driver’s license and admitted he picked up a black backpack at the entrance of the casino hotel and did not turn it in.

A preliminary hearing is set for Jan. 27 in Scott County Court.

Walters then said he sold the MacBook Pro to someone and refused to provide information about the buyer. He told an investigator he could get the MacBook Pro, but returned without, saying the person he sold it to was not home.

He told the investigator he would get the MacBook Pro and hand-deliver it. But in the arrest affidavit the investigator says, as of Dec. 13, “Walters has failed to return the MacBook Pro and backpack with all its contents” and failed to return phone calls.

The investigator, the affidavit says, contacted all Quad-City area pawn shops and did not find the MacBook Pro.

A preliminary hearing is set for in Scott County Court.