The DeWitt Police Department needs your help finding a person of interest involved with a string of vehicle burglaries at Westbrook Park that’s connected to fraud at local banks.

The person(s) breaks into vehicles parked at parks, sports complexes or other large gatherings by smashing out windows and grabbing items like purses, wallets, debit/credit cards and checkbooks before leaving the area. They return to the same community a few days or weeks later and try to pass themselves off as a person whose identity was stolen and use the stolen driver’s license and debit cards from one burglary to attempt to cash stolen checks at a local bank’s drive through. They try to conceal their identity by wearing a surgical mask and use the drive through lane farthest from the teller window.

Officers with the Dewitt Police Department remind residents to never leave valuables in vehicles, especially at parks, sporting events or other large gatherings where vehicles are parked next to each other. They encourage banks, credit unions and other businesses to check identification closely and to positively identify anyone trying to cash or use checks, especially for large amounts. If you have had your credit cards or checkbook stolen, it’s vital to notify your bank or credit union and credit card companies immediately so they can prevent any unauthorized use of your account.

Anyone with information on this person of interest or these crimes is asked to call the DeWitt Police Department at 563-659-3145.