Political yard signs vandalized; stolen in Scott County

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Political signs in Scott County are under attack by vandals.

The Blue Grass Police Department says they’ve seen a slew of yard signs stolen or vandalized over the long labor day weekend.

“What upsets me the most is they could come up and take anything from my property,” Bonnie Strong, a Blue Grass resident said. “Society’s changing, not for the better. I feel it’s not for the better. People are just I guess selfish. If they see something, they want it, or if they see something they don’t like, they just get rid of it.”

But it isn’t just in Blue Grass. Both major parties in Scott County are getting calls almost daily about replacing vandalized signs.

“I’m disappointed that people would thwart the expression of free speech by a property owner,” Dave Millage, chairman of the Scott County Republican party said. “I am disappointed that not only do they have no respect for free speech, but have no respect for private property.”

“We usually see a pretty good rash of them every general election,” Elesha Gayman, Scott County Democrats chairwoman said. “But this seems pretty consistent, like a few areas in the county we continue to see stuff taken down. So it is a bit unheard of as far as the frequency of it.”

Blue Grass police chief Garrett Jahns says he’ll be on the lookout if more signs are defaced in town.

“If you want to, put them up, you know,” Jahns said. “We’ll be constantly on patrol for suspicious individuals. Unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once, so we rely on our citizens to be our eyes and our ears in our community.”

Blue Grass police posted on their Facebook page tonight, that they know juveniles were responsible for the sign vandalism, and their parents will be contacted soon.

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