Power of Bell rings true with special training

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Daniel Bell broke the world record for total power-lifting at the Hybrid Showdown in February.

He did it by lifting more than, 2,600 pounds across three lifts.

The key, he tells Local 4 News, is a great workout routine. But during the pandemic, that’s became extremely difficult.

Daniel Bell is one of the strongest men in the world. He has broken five world records and recently became the first men to ever lift 2,600 pounds across three lifts at a powerlifting competition. The workout routine is intense

“Usually, 10 to five weeks out from a meet I’m in the gym four days a week,” Bell said. “Mondays are typically an accessory day. Tuesdays are usually a lower body day accessory day and then I will bench on Thursday, do a couple accessories afterwards, and on Sunday is when I do a lower body squat or deadlift.”

Once he gets within five weeks of the meet, he cuts down his workouts to three days a week. The pandemic made it more difficult to get in shape, but Bell says he thinks it helped him out in some ways because he was able to rest and work on some of his weaknesses. As COVID-19 spread, businesses were being shut down, but the gym he attends was able to safely stay open.

“I got very lucky with the gym that I have here in Daytona,” he said. “The owners were great people and they put out sessions where only three people could work out at a time and they had a cleaning crew come in to disinfect and take care of everything.”

For Bell to achieve that level of success, he needs certain equipment that most gyms don’t have, so he attends a special gym for powerlifting.

“They have all the specialty bars and they calibrate it with kilo plates and stuff like that,” he said. “So I’ve been very, very blessed to have that.”

“I can’t go into any commercial gym without getting the stares or finding out that they only have 70 pound dumbbells where ‘What am I gonna do with that?’”

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