Tom Beckmann and his wife live in Kenner, Louisiana, which is about 12 miles from New Orleans.

Beckmann was heartbroken as he talked about what he saw outside of his home.

“Trees down, power poles down. We were just driving out of our neighborhood (and saw) power poles were just snapped like twigs, transformers laying in the middle of the street,” said Beckmann.

Beckmann says Hurricane Ida was considered Catergory 3 when it hit Kenner.

“We were very lucky considering other people lost their roofs, houses things like that. Our fence has gone down. We got heavy rain that was driven inside the house so it was just our dining room. We know we lost the dining room floor, the living room floor is going to go, things inside the garage are going to be gone,” said Beckmann.

This is the second devastating natural disaster they’ve endured.

“I just didn’t think we’d go through this again,” said Beckmann. “This one wasn’t as big as Katrina as far as being wide. The devastation is just going to be as great though.”

Beckmann and his wife have been getting help from their neighbor, but they did have to drive an hour and a half to Waveland, Mississippi, to get a generator, gas and food.

“At least we’ll have a fan at night and stuff like that,” he said. “Right now our neighbor has a line running from his generator to keep our refrigerator going and for us to have a fan at night,” said Beckmann. “We’re safe – that was the main thing. We’re safe. We were again lucky.”