Princeton teen missing, family asking for your help

Local News

UPDATE: Over four months after being reported missing, Jasmine Pickett has been found.

EARLIER UPDATE: A family in Princeton is asking for your help tonight about a missing teenager.

Her parents say 14-year-old Jasmine Pickett has been missing for more than a month.

They say she ran away a second time after being found the first week in June, and the parents say this behavior is out of character for her.

“It’s been very long stressful nights, because we don’t know who or whereabouts she’s at,” Laura Clausen, Pickett’s mom said. “We have scoured the Princeton area and the surrounding areas trying to find her. We’ve sent out flyers, posted flyers, so far it has not led to any leads.”

Clausen says that she hopes this message can reach her daughter: “Please let us know that you’re ok. Contact me or your dad to let us know that you’re ok. We miss you, this family is not the same without having her around, and we love you.”

If you’ve seen Jasmine Pickett, you’re encouraged to call the Bureau County sheriff’s department at 815-875-3344.

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