A professor at Western Illinois University is coming out with a new book focused on the economic aspects of the pandemic.

Tom Sadler, author of the soon-to-be-released book “Pandemic Economics,” has taught economics for 30 years. He first became a faculty member of Western Illinois University Macomb’s economics department in 2005.

“Pandemic Economics” addresses topics such as economic shutdown, recession and recovery.

“The book, which will be published by Routledge in early 2021, analyzes specific outcomes, including: healthcare, inequality, energy, the environment and the international economy,” said the college in a news release.

Sadler, who is also the author of “Energy Economics: Science, Policy and Economic Applications” and co-editor of “Local Food Networks and Activism in the Heartland,” explains more on what drew him to write his latest book.

“The topic piqued my interest because economists have not published widely on pandemics, until now,” said Sadler. “Because the shock to economic activity was so severe, economists have now begun an extensive research agenda to analyze all economic aspects of the pandemic, including: employment and macroeconomic effects, impacts on business and households, and long-term outcomes. I thought a book would capture the evolving state of economics research on the pandemic.”

Sadler says the future state of the economy all depends on the final outcome of the pandemic.

“One of the main findings I report on in the book is when governments implement lockdowns and shutter the economy; it is important for governments to maintain comprehensive systems of income support for individuals and businesses,” said Sadler. “The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on the labor market. The United States is still recovering. Moving forward, the extent to which the economy regains its favorable pre-pandemic economy position depends on how well the country controls the virus, vaccinates a majority of the population and creates jobs.”

This semester, Sadler is utilizing the book as course content for his newly-developed course on pandemic economics.

Sadler also teaches courses on: environmental economics, energy economics, globalization, among other topics.

For more information about “Pandemic Economics,” contact Professor Sadler directly via email.