Proposed Illinois gun bill has some up in arms

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A new gun proposal in Illinois could require gun owners to shell out more cash.

A bill introduced last week in the Illinois state house would require liability insurance of at least $1,000,000

It would apply to anyone applying for a new FOID card or getting one renewed.

Anyone new who doesn’t comply would not get approved, and existing card holders could have their ID suspended.

Jim Champion of the Milan Rifle Club said that the proposed house bill would only serve to add an extra burden to those who enjoy shooting sports like skeet and trap shooting, and that it would make it harder for Illinoisans to defend themselves, dueto the sheer cost it would add to legal ownership

He said he wasn’t surprised by the bill, given Illinois’ history.

“It’s just another constant encroachment upon our second amendment rights,” Champion said. “And it seems to be the only right–Constitutionally guaranteed right that is really under attack. All the others, they figured out that you can’t do this to. This one in the state of Illinois, apparently not.”

The bill has been referred to the rules committee where three democrats and two republicans will determine where the bill will go from here.

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