Puppies found in Oklahoma dumpster are looking for forever home in Quad Cities

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It’s the story of an underdog: five puppies were found in a dumpster in Oklahoma and now are being prepped for adoption.

The puppies are in quarantine at Kings Harvest Pet Rescue while they are being treated for diseases.

Almost 20 applications have been submitted with the hopes of taking a furry friend home. With so many applications, Kings Harvest is no longer accepting any more.

Rochelle Dougall, assistant director at Kings Harvest Pet Rescue, said it’s their story that makes people want these puppies.

“It’s quite a story to know,” she said. “They were found in a dumpster and they actually survived, that’s amazing, only to be sent to a kill shelter where they were going to be put down. And then of course we stepped in and were able to help them out, so I mean they’ve faced death head on two times.”

They were brought up from Oklahoma to Kings Harvest because they were on the euthanasia list.

“It’s like an underdog story and who doesn’t want to get behind that?”

Dougall said there are plenty of other animals in need of adoption besides this liter.

“This is just one story amongst hundreds of thousands of tens to hundreds of thousands,” Dougall said.

More information on how to adopt an animal from Kings Harvest Pet Rescue can be found on their website.

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