‘Put the distractions down.’ Bike safety expert responds to fatal hit-and-run

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A Davenport man who’s been hit by a car three times riding his bike tells Local 4 News about dangers in the Quad Cities.

This comes after a man from Geneseo was killed on his bicycle in a hit-and -run accident in Davenport on Thursday.

That case is one we’ve been following closely.

Now 33-year-old Bobby Hunt Jr. is in custody..facing a felony charge of homicide by vehicle, along with leaving the scene of an accident and reckless driving.

His arraignment in Scott County Court will be June 24.

Police say, on Thursday, Hunt’s SUV hit 40-year-old Alex Marietta.. who died of his injuries. Hunt took off from the scene.

That incident has Donnie Miller, of Davenport, a certified bicycle safety instructor, calling for tighter rules that’ll protect bike riders in the Quad Cities.

Miller has been biking for more than 50 years and has traveled more than 220,000 miles on a bicycle. He wants all bicyclists to be safe when on the road, and says there are some pretty simple rules to follow to ensure safety when on a bicycle.

“Stop at the stop lights and stop signs. Also it’s the law,” Miller said.

On Thursday, Alex Marietta was on his bike and was killed in a hit-and-run in front of the Old Town Mall in Davenport. We obtained this surveillance video that shows a vehicle blowing through a red light and striking the cyclist. Miller says he was sick to his stomach after seeing the video of the tragic incident.

“There is no situation that would have saved Alex, myself, or any other accomplished cyclist out there because you can see from the point of about Harbor Freight on, his speed and people were already turning west onto Kimberly Road,” Miller said.

Miller says the issue of safety goes beyond bicyclists and also includes pedestrians because they are considered vulnerable road users. Miller wants motor vehicle drivers to understand they are driving a weapon. that’s why there is more responsibility on drivers to pay attention.

“The most dangerous and important thing you do every day is drive your vehicle. Put the distractions down,” Miller said. “You can’t be smoking a cigarette, putting your makeup on, eating a burrito, and watching the morning news on your new display in your vehicle while you’re trying to get to work.”

Miller says the most important thing for cyclists is to make themselves visible to drivers, use lights, and watch their positioning in the road.

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