The Quad Cities International Airport in Moline saw a solid week surrounding the July 4th holiday, with the highest passenger departures this past week since 2019.

The number of passengers going through TSA security in Moline over the past four years:


Busiest day was July 7 with 1,370 passengers, followed by July 3 with 1,240. Slowest day was July 5 with 653. Total for July 1-7: 6,889.


Busiest day was July 2 with 491 passengers, followed by July 1 with 400. Slowest ay was June 30 with 179. Total for June 30-July 5: 2,187.


Busiest day was July 1 with 973 passengers, followed by June 30 with 933. Slowest day was July 2 with 582. Total for July 1 – July 6: 5,386.


Busiest day was June 30 with 975, followed by July 4 with 869. Slowest day was July 3 with 744. Total for June 29 – July 5: 5,791.

“We saw consistent traffic throughout the week,” QC Airport spokeswoman Ashleigh Davis said Wednesday. “We use 2019 as our guide for recovery and 2022 traffic was about 84% recovered. These numbers only reflect people that went through TSA at MLI, which means we don’t yet know how many arrivals we had.

“Historically speaking, July is a decent month for us with July 4 not necessarily being the high point,” she said. “For example, our busiest day in July 2019 was July 14. Traffic at MLI is stable but not yet fully recovered due to airline resource constraints – i.e., pilot and crew shortages, and Delta not restoring service to Detroit at this time.”