QC Animal Recovery Team rescues cat with duct tape roll on its neck

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A cat who got himself into a sticky situation is safe after The Quad Cities Animal Recovery Team rescued him early Thursday.

“We were contacted about this kitty with duct tape stuck around his neck in LeClaire,” says a post on the group’s Facebook page.

Rescuers removed a duct tape roll from the cat’s neck. (contributed photo)

Rescuers tried to trap him without success. Late Wednesday, they heard him meow.

“We spent over an hour trying to get him to come to us but he just kept doing circles around us 10 feet away while rubbing on everything that came into his path and flipping over as if he wanted belly rubs,” the post says.

Once again, the team tried the trap, but the cat went behind it and tried to get the food inside through the bars.

He went to the front and rubbed his head on the trip door and closed it without going inside.

“Three hours in, he finally went into the trap and after a very nerve-wracking minute, he tripped it!” the post says. That happened about 12:30 a.m. Thursday.

Most likely, the cat got the roll stuck on his own head, rescuers think.

“Aside from him not fully working with us … (the tape) was relatively easy to pull off,” the post says. “He very much enjoyed neck scratches after that and was purring away while held.”

The group seeks the owner, if the cat has one. He is not micro-chipped. Rescuers ask the owner to contact the group with proof of ownership, alter status, and identifying markers.

If the cat doesn’t have an owner, he will be vetted and prepared for a “forever home.” He now is safe in a foster home, where is being called “Ducky.”

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