Gov. JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Commerce & Economic Opportunity (DCEO) today announced the recipients for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Public Infrastructure and Housing Rehabilitation, a news release says.

A total of $56.9 million will be awarded for 54 projects – some in the Quad Cities region – that will support housing rehabilitation projects and enable communities in non-metropolitan areas to make critical repairs to water, sewer, and drainage infrastructure to enhance safety and quality of life for residents.

“Since day one as governor, it has been my priority to ensure that every family, individual, and child in Illinois has access to safe and healthy water, housing, and infrastructure,” said Pritzker. “That’s what my administration’s Rebuild Illinois capital plan is all about and now, in further partnership with the federal government, over 50 projects across Illinois will receive grants to support projects that will better our communities for years to come.”

“Communities in every corner of the state should have access to resources to keep Illinois families safe and healthy with a proper roof over their heads,” said DCEO Director Kristin Richards. “The Community Development Block Grants will provide critical assistance to rehabilitate dozens of homes and improve infrastructure in the areas that need it the most without placing the sole burden of funding costly projects on local entities.”

“Every Illinoisan deserves access to safe drinking water sources, proper sanitary management, and stable housing,” said U.S. Sen. Durbin. “With this substantial federal Community Development Block Grant, we are one step closer to delivering on that promise.”

“Illinoisans deserve access to clean drinking water, no matter their zip code,” said Duckworth. “This federal support is critical to help Illinoisans have the access to safe, sanitary and accessible housing all throughout our state to keep themselves and their families healthy, and I’ll keep advocating to help ensure all Illinoisans can access quality housing and clean water.”

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for Public Infrastructure

Public infrastructure grants are designed to provide communities with funding to improve public infrastructure and eliminate conditions detrimental to public health, safety, and public welfare. As part of the annual CDBG program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, DCEO is awarding $48.5 million for 41 infrastructure projects. These projects include construction of storm sewer pipes, waterline replacements, hydrant and water storage tank construction, and other critical projects that help mitigate flooding and support sewage management, water delivery and other public water necessities.

State-administered CDBG funds must be utilized in areas that do not receive their own funds directly from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), with the majority of funds benefiting smaller communities and rural areas. Local governments are receiving grants between $425,000 and $1.5 million with an average grant size of $1 million. Preference was given to projects located in under-served areas, opportunity zones and those which proposed a non-state matching component to drive the maximum investment to the area. When matched with other local funds, the grants will generate repairs valued over $55.1 million. Here’s a list of recipients:

City of Altamont $1,500,000.00
City of Benton $1,198,480.00
City of Du Quoin $685,105.00
City of Effingham $1,275,000.00
City of Eldorado $ 760,000.00
City of Flora $1,500,000.00
City of Galesburg $1,500,000.00
City of Grand Tower $ 1,500,000.00
City of Greenville $1,500,000.00
City of Henry $458,985.00
City of Macomb $1,500,000.00
City of Morrison$1,271,782.00
City of Nason $1,500,000.00
City of Nokomis $1,500,000.00
City of Pinckneyville $1,500,000.00
City of Rochelle $1,052,200.00
City of Savanna $1,500,000.00
City of Staunton $678,705.00
City of Streator $425,000.00
City of Vandalia $1,500,000.00
City of Witt $1,500,000.00
County of Fayette $1,300,000.00
County of Richland  $1,430,000.00
Village of Augusta $1,500,000.00
Village of Brocton $1,020,000.00
Village of Bureau Junction$645,000.00
Village of Carbon Hill $784,970.00
Village of Cowden $1,500,000.00
Village of Dongola $ 570,000.00
Village of Donnellson $1,500,000.00
Village of Dover  $964,850.00
Village of Elliott $1,500,000.00
Village of Junction City $1,500,000.00
Village of Norris City $1,235,550.00
Village of Owaneco $1,500,000.00
Village of St. Anne $700,000.00
Village of Tamms $1,427,175.00
Village of Verona $490,881.00
Village of Watson $1,220,000.00
Village of Wilsonville $1,030,765.00
Village of Yates City     $871,310.00

“Clean water is essential to our daily life, but maintaining these complicated systems is not easy or cheap,” said State Sen. Mike Halpin (D-Rock Island). “I couldn’t be happier for Galesburg and Macomb for being awarded a combined $3 million for water and sewer infrastructure.”